“Yeah Dawg!!!” is an all vegan hot dog that is organic, soy free, gluten free and plant based.
Our hot dogs are simply made of a blend organic vegetables, GF flours, herbs and spices.
At Yeah Dawg!!! we believe that food should be healthy but also comforting, familiar, and accessible which is why we are reinventing the American Classic, the hot dog.
Currently we sell our hot dogs at pop ups, fairs, flea markets, and catering events.
Accompanied with nine of our own home made toppings, including two types of raw fermented kraut, pineapple pickles, cucumber relish, pickled peppers, pickled onions, coconut “bacon” and cashew mayonnaise.

Think of them as designer dawgs!

We also sell them in frozen vacuum sealed packs through a delivery service called Good Eggs and Brooklyn’s Haymaker’s Corner Store.